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Delivery Systems Deliver Results

Skincare is only as good as its delivery system. You can pack a product with the latest, most innovative ingredients to fight every sign of aging, but if it doesn’t contain a good delivery system to ensure absorption and stability, then the skin will never reap the benefits.
Here are a few of the more innovative delivery systems currently being used at DermaQuest Skin Therapy:

Liposomes: One of the most common skin delivery systems, liposomes encapsulate active ingredients for enhanced penetration and a time-release effect. Liposomes are often used for a sustained release of ingredients over time. Retinol, for instance, might otherwise release too quickly and cause irritation in the skin. However, by encapsulating retinol with liposomes, we can diminish that effect and ensure a slow, steady release for sustained efficacy and less skin irritation.

PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer: Available in both an oil-soluble and water-dispersible delivery system, PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer creates a larger pathway to clear the way for active ingredients to penetrate the skin. By modifying the deposition characteristics of the key ingredients, PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer reduce the amount needed to achieve the desired effect. The delivery system not only prolongs the activity of the ingredient but, also, enhances the spreadability of the formulation to impart a soft, silky, smooth feel on the skin.

LAMINACTINE (Lysolecithin): Using patented technology, lysolecithin lends one of its fatty acids to give an ingredient’s molecule a more hydrophilic profile. The result is improved absorption of the formulation’s key ingredients. This natural delivery system also provides excellent calming and anti-irritant properties.

Sam Dhatt

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